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Kuwy is an Automotive Fintech Platform, that powers automated lending (direct & indirect) to grow loan originations and digital retailing. It verifies and connects consumers & vehicles to dealers, lenders, OEM’s and consumer facing platforms through strategic industry partnerships & proprietary products, to provide consumers with the best loans and vehicles, through an automated process.

Headquartered in Chennai, India, Kuwy has its reach across 650+ locations in India.

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Digital Loan Processing

A sneak preview of the convenience and agility that you get with Kuwy’s mobile application making your loan processing easy and hassle-free.

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Vision and Mission

Digital Loan Processing

Kuwy Vision

Our Vision

Create a robust Global Automotive Lending Ecosystem by connecting digital, retail and wholesale channels at the point of sale.

Kuwy Mission

Our Mission

MILD 2025: 1 Million Loan Disbursals Make Automotive Credit Accessible, Paperless & Instant

Our Journey towards Success Key Milestone

In an era of Lead Generation, Kuwy innovates the Direct Loan Origination through Instant Digital Verification followed by a hybrid documentation process. Kuwy is transforming the industry from Lead Generation to Direct Loan origination


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