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The most common debate and often a dilemma in the minds of customers revolves around the 5 forms of fuel - Petrol, Diesel, CNG, Electric and Hybrid. This leads to the million-dollar question: Which one’s the best pick for your car? In our opinion, it mainly depends on the usage and the type of the car, along with the prices that follow. Some of the most common queries include emission levels, prices, what’s eco-friendly, what is good for the engine, etc. We’ve tried to cover all these FAQs by constructively differentiating these fuel types, helping you make a clear choice by the end of this read.

Plunge right in, and let us steer your thoughts clear into the right direction.


The inching gap between diesel and petrol prices has nearly waved off the difference between the two in terms of prices. Refined petrol cars enhance the engine’s life and provides good pick-up for your short city commutes. With minimal wear and tear of your engine and low emissions compared to diesel, petrol is less noisy and one of the most common fuel types chosen by customers.


The previous years have seen diesel fuel becoming cleaner than before. Diesel is known for better fuel efficiency and towing abilities, making it the perfect choice for long family trips. With great torque comes increased mileage, making it the best choice for every family car!


A surge in cars with CNG kits is a common sight in many cities across the nation for low prices, minimal emissions with a promise of cleaner mobility. This economical alternative may not have as much power and torque as its contrary options, but is definitely the go-to pocket-friendly option for local city commutes.


Commonly known as the sustainable hero for commutes in the future, electric vehicles are good for nature and our pockets. Available at a premium price bracket, electric cars are a hassle-free option for traffic and city commutes with no gears or clutches. With an increase in charging points across the nation, many drivers choose to install a charging station for frequent easy access.


The debate is incomplete without addressing the elephant in the room - hybrid cars. These cars typically come with two fuel hybrid options, Petrol + Electric and Diesel + Electric. Bringing the best of all worlds in one, the car saves fuel in the city traffic by switching to electric mode and gives you better mileage and torque basis the chosen alternative of petrol and diesel.

We’d like to sum it up by leaving it to you and your usage of the car to make the right choice. There’s a car for each one of your needs, just like there’s finance for any car you want, be it pre-owned or new on the Kuwy app. Vroom through the car loan process without paperwork, personalised credit limits, endless lenders and dealers to choose from, all under one user-friendly app. Download the Kuwy app, and experience the ease, today!