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All you need to know about Fastag tracking

"FASTag employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to make toll payments directly from the linked prepaid or savings account or directly to the toll owner."

FASTag is a simple, reloadable tag that allows for the automatic deduction of toll charges and allows you to pass through the toll gate without the need for a cash transaction. 

To avoid long lines and traffic jams on national highways throughout the country, the government has implemented the FASTag facility, a cashless model in which the entire toll tax amount is collected via the FASTag. All four-wheelers must have the tag installed on their vehicles by the 16th of February 2021. 

The goal is to make electronic toll collecting easier nationwide so that individuals can ultimately save time and effort. Saving fuel thereby reducing pollution is also a main motive for considering fastag to the system. Fastag enhances digitalization and efficient data collection thereby accommodating more vehicles in less time. 

Benefits of fastag:

All toll lanes on India's national highway network are to be changed into FASTag lanes, under a directive from the government to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). FASTag will therefore soon be a commonplace facility on Indian highways. 

Easy toll gate pass through:

You may save money and fuel by using FASTag. At toll booths, a tag reader scans and reads your FASTag, and the toll payment is debited from the bank account connected to your FASTag or the prepaid wallet on your FASTag. This allows you to bypass lines and go right through toll booths without stopping, saving you time. Additionally, you can avoid wasting fuel while standing in long lines to pay tolls.

Easy transactions:

The ability to recharge online using FASTag makes using it even more hassle-free. You can reload your FASTag online using debit or credit cards, NEFT or RTGS transfers, internet banking, or any combination of these. All you require is internet access.

You can concentrate on driving while using FASTag without having to worry about finding exact change or cash at toll booths.

Spending can be tracked:

You will be notified through email and your registered mobile number when the toll fee is taken out of your bank account or prepaid wallet. The FASTag platform also allows users to verify FASTag statements. As a result, you can keep track of the money you spend at toll booths. 

Environmentally friendly:

FASTag doesn't use paper because toll plazas don't exchange receipts. Additionally, since traffic can pass these plazas without having to wait in line, fuel consumption is reduced. This benefits the environment. 

5 years validity period and simple registration process:

Five years are the long-term validity of a FASTag. During this time, you can take advantage of cashless toll payments without constantly buying fresh ones. Remember that either your bank account must be open or the balance in your NHAI wallet must be sufficient. 

The FASTag registration procedure is really straightforward. To sign up for a FASTag, go to a bank, a few stores, or a Point of Sale (PoS) facility at a toll plaza. Visit the website of any of the top FASTag issuing banks to register online instead.

How to buy FASTag?

Banks like ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, Kotak Bank, and Axis Bank are where you may purchase your FASTag. Additionally, you can buy them from payment institutions like Airtel Payments Bank and Paytm Payments Bank. FASTags are also available on Amazon, an online retailer. Each FASTag, however, offers a unique set of advantages. You must therefore choose wisely.


Make use of many advantages provided from fastag. Register to fastag from your convenient method online/offline. To keep yourself updated on more interesting automobile information stay tuned to our blogs!

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