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Monsoon in India comes with heavy rains round-the-clock, wet roads, flooded streets and a plethora of other hazards for car-owners. In the moisture-laden climate, it becomes a huge task to ensure that your four-wheeler is in a pristine condition. Here are a few easy tips and tricks that could help your car be monsoon ready!

Keep your car squeaky clean!

Your car takes on the puddles of mud, water and all the dirt from the streets during rains. Hence, it is ideal to wash your car as soon as you reach home. Do ensure that you wipe the exterior, with a dry cloth, to avoid water spots. Also make sure that you clean and dry your car every morning, in case it rains overnight.

Say no to car covers!

While a majority of us believe that car covers help in keeping the four-wheeler clean and safe, it could be causing more damage. When you park your car in an outdoor area, the cover sticks to the body due to the moisture, which could lead to the color coat on your car’s exterior to peel off, once the cover is taken off.

If your car is parked in the same condition for a long time, holes or tears in the cover accumulate water from the rains, and could lead to rusting in several areas.

Caring for all car parts

It is of utmost importance that all the parts of your car are clean and dry. When you step into the car with dirty shoes, the dirt tends to stick to the floor carpet, which could be difficult to clean later. Use newspapers or fabric mats during the monsoon, to avoid such circumstances.

The wipers and washers are your saviours, while you drive in the rain. Use a mild detergent or soap and water solution in the wiper/washer bottle to keep your windshield clear. Keep a check on the wiper blades and change them if they leave marks on the windshield.

Opt for a pre-monsoon car service, to ensure that the air filter is in the best condition, as it helps reduce moisture and the deposit of grime, into your four-wheeler.

Tyre Check-up

One of the most affected and important parts of any car during monsoon are its tyres. Your car tyres bear the brunt of pot-holes, slippery and uneven roads, which are a part and parcel of the monsoon in India. So, get your tyres checked regularly, keep them inflated and ensure that you have a spare tyre handy at all times!

Underbody Protection

Driving through uneven roads could cause major damage to the car’s underbody, you can spray a mixture of diesel and engine oil to keep moisture away, while ensuring a smooth run for all the mechanical parts. It is also a smart option to get pre-monsoon check-up service done.

The best way to protect your car is to drive slowly and cautiously during the monsoon. Ensure that your car is dry, and try avoiding roads that might take a toll on your car. But while it may be difficult to avoid potholes on the road, the least we can do is to help you acquire a new car! Download the Kuwy app for an easy and effortless journey to find the best deals, car-finance and personalised credit limits, all in one place!