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Car Dealers and What they Mean to Kuwy

Used car dealerships are companies that focus on selling used cars to customers. They
work in the auto sector and provide a large selection of used cars, trucks, SUVs, and
other vehicles for sale. These dealerships get their stock from a variety of sources, like
trade-ins, public auctions, and direct purchases from people.
OEM (original equipment manufacturer) dealers are authorised retailers who purchase
their automobiles straight from the producers. These dealerships only sell new cars and
are frequently experts in a single brand or group of brands.
DSAs are individuals or agents who work on behalf of a financial institution or a car
dealership to facilitate the sale of vehicles and assist customers with documentation and
These dealerships can become authorised through Kuwy. Partnering with Kuwy offers
various benefits such as better sales, instant payouts, and faster credit. Kuwy uses a
digitalised infrastructure for the end-to-end used car sale process. This can avoid bulky
paper works and make transfers hassle-free. Additionally, dealers will get the best
payout from the lender if they process loans from the lender through Kuwy. As KUWY
filters out the lender as per a dealer’s requirement, the chance of landing the right
lender is higher.
Opting for dealers has pros such as
1. Wide Selection of Vehicles
Various makes, models, trim levels, and colours of vehicles are frequently offered for
sale at car dealerships. Customers can examine many possibilities to select the one
that best meets their needs, wants, and budget.
2. Vehicle History and Transparency: Used-car sellers can offer thorough vehicle
history reports that describe past ownership, accident histories, maintenance history,
and other details.
Dealers can generate a Kuwy QR code based on their inventory. Using the QR code,
they can scan and save their vehicle inventory digitally using the Kuwy APP/site for free,
with all car images, car ownership details, vehicle documentation, and vehicle
certification. Kuwy will also calculate the loan amount, ROI, EMI, and tenure based on

the market value. Dealers can save all their vehicle inventory by scanning digital QR
codes, eliminating the need to create a separate dealer’s website. They can also share
it with their customers by sending them a link, giving them digital access to the dealer
inventory. As new cars are added, the inventory can be updated digitally and each QR
code is unique ensuring maximum security.
To give information to lenders and dealers, Kuwy uses artificial intelligence and machine
learning. This enables dealers to show their cars to clients considerably faster than any
other dealer on the market who does not use Kuwy.

Furthermore, another important feature offered is a middleman is eliminated in the
entire process between dealers and lenders maximising the profit and minimizing the
time consumed.
Two websites can assist dealers to expand their customer base.

1. Dealers can use the Kuwy car check site to get valuation reports for cars in their
inventory. This valuation report can be shown to a customer when he/she wants to
purchase a used car. There are 101 checkpoints in a car that will be verified by KUWY.
Some of these checkpoints are verified physically where a Kuwy expert captures
pictures of the car and uploads them to the Kuwy AI. The AI generates details of dents
and scratches. The other processes happen digitally with the help of Kuwy Digital
Engine. The dealers get a car history report, a Kuwy car condition grade, a price
estimation, a Kuwy car rating, a Kuwy car loan rating, a Kuwy car Bureau Score and a
Kuwy car loan sticker as a part of their valuation report.

2. Dealers can use the Kuwy Car Price site to check the market trend and predict the
price of their car. All a dealer has to do is enter the details requested by the site and it
generates the price within seconds. Kuwy Digital Engine considers various factors the
dealers enter onto the site and facilitates the price generation process.

Kuwy offers the above benefits for dealers thereby boosting their sales. Additionally,
customers can buy from dealers without middlemen and can get better deals and
incentives from Kuwy. Lenders can directly process payouts benefitting dealers without
a broker. All these merits reduce time and increase sales. Join today at and get these perks ASAP!

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