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Common Gearbox issues you should know

The car gearbox transmits the proper amount of power by constant rotation, grinding, and a war with friction. It is expected that the gearbox will experience wear and tear and occasionally develop a malfunction with everything that is going on. As a result, we'll discuss a few of the frequent gearbox issues that affect cars and explore their root causes.

Understanding Gearbox:

A mechanical gearbox is a collection of aggregated gears housed in an enclosure. It's employed to move power or energy from one instrument to another. Additionally, it modifies the speed and torque of driving elements like a load and a motor.

Common Gearbox problems:

  1. Insufficient throttle or acceleration response

Problem: If you notice a slight delay in your car's acceleration when it is in manual transmission, there is a problem with the throttle response. An automatic transmission may occasionally have longer and more frequent delays. However, it is concerning if you observe no change in your car's speed when the torque rises following a gear change.


  • Defective clutch
  • Discarded plates
  • Overworked clutch springs
  • Master cylinder in poor condition
  • Air is present in the fluid passage


Sometimes the damage to one or more can result in a malfunctioning gearbox. The only option in such a situation may be to replace such units. However, if there is air in the device, the issue can be resolved by simply draining the fluid channel.

  1. Buzz sounds while shifting gears

Problem: Your car shaking and grinding while shifting gears is one of the most regular gearbox issues. In other circumstances, the buzzing sensation might well be accompanied by the visible shaking of your car.


  • The main shaft's dry rear wheel bearing
  • Gears are driven by a defective speedometer.
  • A lack of lubrication
  • Shaft and bearing deterioration
  • When the gear train has too much recoil.


The parts must be replaced right away since the more grinding, the more harm is done to your gearbox.

  1. Gear slipping:

Problem: You may occasionally find yourself in a circumstance where you change into a gear, press the accelerator, and the automobile jerks back into the previous gear. Moreover, the gear may occasionally shift into neutral. This behavior is referred to as gear slippage.


  • Lock spring or shift fork that is harmed or broken
  • Inadequate gear mesh
  • Rusted bushing, worn bearing retainers, or exhausted gear
  • Engine and gearbox alignment issues
  • Excessive spacing between mesh gear teeth
  • Lack of transmission fluid


After determining the extent of any damage, it is essential to take your car to the service center for these repairs. Most of the time, these pieces must be replaced as quickly as possible if they are damaged before performing a maneuver. 

  1. Burning Smell

Problem: You may have experienced fluid leakage and a burnt rubber smell with Smoke while driving, there is a high possibility that there is a problem in the gearbox.


  • Heat buildup in the transmission fluid
  • The enclosure's fluid level is low.
  • Improper use of fluids


Transmission fluids are designed to operate at temperatures consistent with gearbox operation. If the incorrect fluid is utilized, it won't work properly and cause an excessive amount of heat to build up. Both of these situations severely damage the car's transmission, therefore use the right fluid and top it off when necessary if the level is low.

  1. Spilled fluid under the car

Problem: Your car's gearbox, like every other rotating mechanical part in the vehicle, needs a fluid to lubricate it. If you ever see liquid dripping onto the ground beneath your parked automobile. The colour of the transmission or gearbox fluid is brilliant orange. This makes locating the issue quite simple.


  • High levels of oil inside the container.
  • Damaged or improperly placed oil seals or gaskets
  • Gear case has a crack in it.
  • Unsecured bolts or nuts
  • Unfastened drain or filler plug


It's crucial to check the oil level in your automobile and replace any damaged fluid pans or oil seals. However, if you catch this issue too late, replacing the damaged seal won't be sufficient. Your gearbox's components could sustain additional damage, which would be quite expensive for you to replace.

  1. Difficulty in gear shifting:

Problem: The car's transmission is designed to function purely based on your inputs. The gearshift lever could occasionally just stand still and not move from its current position. Automatic transmissions will experience this problem when the gearbox becomes stuck in one gear no matter how much throttle you apply.


  • Faulty or broken clutch connection
  • A particularly strong shifter lock spring
  • Main shaft's splines with distortion
  • Transmission error synchronization in an automated
  • Worn-out gear teeth


You must take your car to the service right away to have the damaged components repaired or replaced.



It is important to know about each and every important part of the car and its behavior. This article helps car users and passionates know about different problems caused in the gearbox. Share your experiences with us in the comments.

Happy Learning!


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