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5 Mistakes to Prevent During Driving Test

Did you know that only 435 females are likely to pass driving tests compared to men? Acquiring a driving license is equal to getting a free ticket to explore your driving skills. But, it isn't that easy to get one! You'll have to be ready for some hurdles to make it through the driving test. In most cases, the anxiety turns to nervousness leading to several common mistakes. To avoid those mistakes while driving test, we have a few tips for you to follow and get your license done at the right time.


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5 Mistakes to Prevent During Driving Test

Never be Nervous, Take it Easy

  • Don’t start being harsh on yourself and mess up. The biggest mistake during a driving test is to let nervousness rule you. 
  • Fear is common but if you find yourself overwhelmed by the fear, then it becomes counterproductive.
  • Before your driver’s license test, try to stay relaxed. feel free to talk to someone who’s been there and got their license. Take a deep breath and go ahead.
  • Nervousness ruins efforts, and you are more prone to make mistakes when you are fearful.
  • So, just relax, sit back, and confidently give your test.

Know the Basics

  • Another mistake includes being overconfident or underconfident before the test. It is when the person is either of the two, they tend to make mistakes.
  • Ensure you focus on all the basics before you go ahead with the test. The smallest of the things like greeting the instructor, checking all the mirrors, and handbrakes, and looking around before you get out of your car can go a long way.

Get into Practice

  • Your practice says it all. Before you go for your driving license test, ensure that you have some necessary hands-on experience.
  • Some patterns like an 8-shaped driving test, driving on a slope, and some other permutations and combinations can turn out to be good for your test. 
  • Make sure you have cleared your hands on these moves before you go for the test.

Changing Lanes Carelessly

  • Most importantly, the examiners consider how you change lanes. 
  • If you are not careful while changing lanes, you are likely to fail the driving test. 
  • Ensure you use all the car mirrors – left, right, and rear. Change lanes only if the road is clear. 
  • Taking too much time in deciding whether to change lanes or not will also result in failure. Try to be quick.

Follow the Examiner

  • Try to understand that you must follow the examiner’s instructions during the test. 
  • Sometimes the examiner may ask you to break a rule, while it may seem obvious not to break the rule, understand that the examiner is more knowledgeable about the rules than you are. 
  • Indicators are like an unsaid rule during a driving license test. Always, use indicators if and when necessary.
  • In case you are asked to take a U-turn, you are always supposed to perform a hand gesture implying that you are about to take a U-turn.



Keep these tips in mind before taking a driving test. Do not forget to follow the rules and have a note if necessary. To know more about used cars and others related to cars, please visit our blog.


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