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Five types of Automatic Cars One Must Know

Have you been frequently hearing about automatic cars? Yes, they are the next generation cars with utmost technology used innovation. Automatic cars have become the prime choice for most drivers worldwide, and Indians, too, are in the game. Convenience, clutch-free shifting, and easy drivability are the reasons for the demand for automatic cars over manual ones. The automatic gearbox started as a simple gear-changing mechanism offering relatively lower fuel economy than the manuals of the early years. Advance automotive technology and electronics made it more efficient and precision automatic gearboxes in modern cars.


Now, do you want to dig deep about the types of automatic cars? Are you going to buy one? Then get in!


We're going to discuss the five types of automatic cars ruling the present world. The five types of automatic car gearboxes that you should know about are below:

  1. AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) 
  2. CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission)
  3. DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission)
  4.  IMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission) and 
  5. Torque Converter

AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) 

  • In other words, they are called semi-automatic gear transmission cars, and AMT cars are told to be the most common automatic cars on Indian roads. 
  • Though they are less in cost, AMT cars are a basic upgrade of your manual gear cars with a few design tweaks. Hence, these automatic car types are ideal for buyers who want to combine high fuel efficiency with low cost of maintenance.
  • The AMT gearbox is in petrol, diesel, CNG, and LPG vehicles. AMT is mostly available in entry-level-segment and mid-level cars, including the Maruti Swift, Alto, Brezza, Renault Duster, and the Tata Nexon, to name a few.

CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission)

  • If your dream car is an automatic car with a quieter transmission, then CVT vehicles should be your choice. 
  • CVT is also used in many automatic scooters (Activa, Dio) in India. Technically, CVT vehicles do not have any gears or any clutches – thus are best suited for users looking for a smoother drive on their automatic cars. 
  • Just like AMT, CVT is available in the most popular cars in India, such as the Maruti Baleno, Honda Jazz, Honda City, and Nissan Micra.

DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission)

  • The direct shift gearbox, Dual-clutch transmission is among the market’s most advanced automatic car technologies today.
  • Primarily, DCT uses a twin-clutch system that is responsible for smooth gear shifts. Based on the engine torque, automatic cars use either dry clutches (for DCT) or wet clutches (for DSG). 
  • Compared to the latest generation of vehicles, DCT offers faster and most accurate gear shifts and is quite reliable and efficient. DCT vehicles offer low fuel economy than manual ones. 

IMT (Intelligent Manual Transmission)

  • IMT offers a complete clutch-free manual transmission with no clutch pedal, among the latest innovations in automatic cars. 
  •  IMT uses automatic sensors and actuators to perceive a gear change and to engage your clutch automatically. 
  • In case you don't like to step on the clutch pedal multiple times in traffic or have the habit of driving with resting your foot on the clutch pedal but still enjoy driving using the H-pattern gear shifter, the IMT is the must-choose to opt for!

Torque Converter

  • Torque Converter technology is known as the innovation that pioneered the advent of automatic cars, and is quite common to find such automatic cars on Indian roads in recent years.
  • The most vital part of torque converters is being silent. If you're having a dream of an automatic car with a smooth gear shift, you can go for DCT cars.



Earlier automatic cars were found luxury. But now new advancements in the automobile industry have a whole new range of automatic gearboxes available. Kuwy assists you with any queries on car health. Make yourself comfortable and feel free to take our assistance on car advice.


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