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Hybrid Electric Vehicles - A Sneak Peek

Electric Vehicles or EVs have brought in a revolution in the automobile industry. However, the innovative infrastructure that comes with EVs makes them expensive for the masses. But Hybrid Electric Vehicles act as the bridge between the traditional cars and the electric cars.


What is a HEV?

An Hybrid Electric Vehicle uses the combination of an Internal Combustion (IC) engine and an electric propulsion system. The electric powertrain enhances the fuel efficiency and performance of the vehicle. It can also independently propel the vehicle on just the electric power, depending on the kind of hybrid system you choose.

An HEV has a conventional fuel engine as well as an electric powertrain, as the electric motor assists the engine to extract more performance and better fuel economy.


The Working Mechanism of HEV

An HEV is powered by an IC engine and electric motor. The electric motor utilizes the electrical energy stored in the battery pack, which is charged through regenerative braking that is run by the internal combustion engine.  An HEV does not need to be plugged into a power source to charge the battery.

The additional power from the electric motor assists the engine, and it enhances the performance and fuel economy. The battery pack can also power other electrical components like lights. The powertrain saves fuel with the engine start/stop technology. In an HEV, the engine automatically shuts off when idle and starts automatically when the throttle pedal is pressed.

The main components of the HEV are the internal combustion engine and the electric motor that are responsible for propelling the vehicle and maintaining its performance and fuel economy. It also consists of a battery pack, generator, transmitters and a fuel tank, much like a conventional vehicle.

There are three types of Hybrid Electric Vehicles are series hybrid, parallel hybrid and series-parallel hybrid. The division is based on the power delivery and distribution.

Hybrid Electric Cars stand out for their fuel efficiency, and with the help of electric powertrain, they function more efficiently than their conventional counterparts. The most common HEVs in India are Toyota Camry, Lexus ES 300h Exquisite, Maruti Suzuki Brezza, and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.


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