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Introduction to digitised auto financing

The landscape of India's auto finance business is currently moving as fast as high-performance sports cars. Banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), and other financing lenders constantly adapt and innovate in this changing environment. Buyers, equipped with a wide range of financing options, are causing lenders to think again and, in some circumstances, entirely transform their present business models. While some financing lenders have embraced the digital transformation journey, many still have yet to adapt to this fast-evolving digitisation.

The four critical elements outlined below serve as drivers guiding lenders to reassess their existing tactics and potentially undergo a change in the ever-changing world of auto lending.

Car Selection:

The purchasing journey for potential buyers often begins long before they step foot into a car dealership. Extensive online research, model comparisons, and a quest for favourable finance options characterize this preliminary phase. Consumers increasingly seek convenience and efficiency, elements traditional channels may struggle to provide. Integrating with a fintech automotive platform like Kuwy becomes instrumental for lenders aiming to gain a competitive edge and deliver a streamlined and hassle-free experience to their customers.

Car Selection:

For many prospective purchasers, the buying process begins before they set foot in an automobile showroom. This prior stage is characterised by extensive web research, model comparisons, and a search for favourable financing solutions. Consumers are increasingly looking for ease and efficiency, which traditional channels might be unable to provide. Integrating with a fintech automotive platform like Kuwy becomes critical for lenders looking to gain a competitive advantage and provide a streamlined and hassle-free experience to their customers.

Loan Origination:

Understanding client personas is essential to the loan origination process. In the digital age, lenders must keep up with the changing characteristics of these identities and change their processes accordingly. Establishing a strong digital presence becomes a strategic decision for lenders to effectively target potential consumers, both in terms of location and timing.

Decision Making:

Swift decision-making is an important requirement of car buyers during the auto loan application procedure. Unfortunately, lenders have a hard time speeding up this procedure due to a lack of the essential data to analyse applications thoroughly. Kuwy, India's pioneering automotive fintech platform, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to address this difficulty. These strategies allow the platform to collect a variety of information on applicants from alternative data sources, allowing for faster turnaround times (TAT) and allowing lenders to make rapid choices.

While lenders may have established standard data collecting and application systems, their continued usage of paper-based forms in processing customer applications increases overall delays. Lenders may provide a paperless process that encompasses customer onboarding, document capture and processing, credit determinations, loan servicing, and other services by collaborating with partners like Kuwy. This change to a digital procedure reduces the overall complexity of the customer experience.

As the auto lending industry rebounds from the post-crisis collapse, big lenders are fueling up their plans. Companies must explore remaking the automobile buying experience using platforms like Kuwy to avoid losing business to competitors who leverage the potential of digital processes. By embracing these enablers, lenders may not only stay relevant but also place themselves at the forefront of a fast-expanding and competitive car finance industry.

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