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Monsoon Car Check Up Tips

Indian Monsoon that arrives around the month of June is often received with a sigh of relief, because after all, we’re all exhausted from the summer heat. It is the time for long drives and trips to the green valleys, India boasts of. But the rains and wet roads can be a nightmare for your car. Car check-up is also essential during the monsoon season to ensure optimal performance of your car.

There are several parts and accessories in a car that need extra attention during this season. We have listed down a few things that you keep a check on before your car hits the roads.

Tyre Condition

A tyre is the only part of a car that is constantly in contact with the road. The roads are often in a bad condition, during the rainy season, often filled with potholes. The treads on the tyres help in clearing away water from the road for the tyres to run smoothly on the run. The treads should be deep enough or more than 2.5 mm deep to make sure that the car doesn’t skid on slippery surfaces. You also need to keep a check on the tyre pressure regularly and maintain the recommended levels.

Pro-tip: Always keep a good condition spare tyre in your car.

Battery, Brakes and Wiring Condition

You cannot compromise on a properly working battery, especially during the monsoons. Several accessories like the AC, wipers and lights are used on a comparatively larger scale, during the rainy season. This can take a toll on the battery conditions. Keep a check on the battery functions, and get it replaced, in case of any issues.

The condition of roads can have an adverse impact on the braking distance of your car. Worn out brakes can lead to increase in braking distances and, result in failures. There are ways to check your brakes yourself at home. All you need to do is start the engine, let your car run idle for some time and press the brake pedal with force, if the pedal continues to sink, there is chance of leakage in the system.

It is necessary to ensure and check any exposed wiring around your car. Exposed wirings come with the risk of short circuits in case they come into contact with water. Make sure you check all the wirings within and around your car to avoid safety hazards.

Lights Check-up

The final and one of the most important parts to check in the monsoon are the lights. Before you decide to go on a long drive, ensure that all the lights in the car, including the headlights, taillights, fog lights and turn signals are in proper working condition. Rains hamper visibility and having your lights in good condition can be a saviour.


Despite, all these precautions, the best way to protect yourself and your car is to drive slowly during the monsoon! Drive safe, be safe! Making the right choices can be a difficult task, Kuwy understands! Download the Kuwy app for an easy and effortless journey to find the best deals, car-finance and personalised credit limits, all in one place!

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