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Must-Know Tips to Take Care of Car Tyres in Monsoon

The most essential part of the car is the tyre. Good car tyres in the monsoon can prevent accidents by providing a better grip on the Indian roads. This monsoon season, sleek and sloppy roads do not make a good combo with your car tyres. The role of car tyres is even more vital and critical during the monsoon or rainy season. As the roads are slippery and wet, tyres are prone to meet with accidents. The owner or the driver has to ensure that there's no lag in the delivery of stability and traction, and your car tyres must be in prime condition. 


Safety is the main priority, so the car tyres in the monsoon are supposed to be more well-maintained than in other seasons in the year. You can breathe well as you need not worry much to take care of your vehicle during the monsoon. Even though the idea of wheels splashing through puddles sounds idyllic, driving in one of the most highly anticipated seasons brings with it a set of distinct issues. As a result, you need to be more vigilant about your tyre management practice.


This article gives a few tips to take care of your car tyres in a better way.

Check the Tyre Tread:

  • Adequate tread tyres happen to be more responsive to brakes compared to those with lesser tread depth. 
  • Ensure your tyres hold a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. for safe driving and shorter braking distance in damp areas.
  • Always measure the tread depth using a tyre tread depth gauge. Use the tread wear indicators (TWI) found inside the tread grooves. 
  • When the car tyres in the monsoon are worn out, you may notice the indicators quickly. In case you cannot spot the TWIs, it's because they have worn away due to extensive use.

Maintain Tyre Pressure

  • Maintain the right tyre pressure to contribute even tread wear and increase the life of your car tyres in monsoon.
  • Overinflating the car tyres in the monsoon can hinder the car's control, and that's a slippery slope you must avoid.
  • Stick to the correct tyre pressure to lend your tyres better traction due to uniform contact with the surface. It also improves the car's control and stability.

Have the Wheels Aligned

  • Have you found any irregular wear on the inside or outside of the tyres in the first step? 
  • It's due to misaligned or imbalanced wheels. As they are coupled with uneven wear, there are chances to encounter vibrations and heavy steering, that affect the vehicle's overall handling.
  •  When you suddenly dip into a deep pit hole or leap over an uneven speed breaker, it can cause wheel alignment issues. 
  • Additionally, the suspension system suffers too. So get your wheels checked and aligned at the earliest!  

Make sure you Drive Smart

  • Poor driving habit has a lot to contribute to tyre wear and damage. Try to prevent unnecessary acceleration in the rainy season or monsoons. There are high chances of the vehicle losing control.
  • Keep yourself away from the streets filled with water. When you can't avoid waterlogged streets, ensure to drive slowly. 
  • Always drive towards the middle of the road where the water density is usually less than the sides.
  • Refrain from driving over water-filled potholes, which not only injures the car tyres but also damages the car.



Monsoons are the most beautiful seasons of the whole year. Your dream car takes you to many overwhelming places where you are supposed to enjoy each and every minute without any disturbances. Don't let your worn car tyres spoil your pleasant trips in your lives. To drive your dream car home within less span of time, contact Kuwy team.


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