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Think Smart! Know the best time to buy a car

Having a car is such a significant life achievement. It conveys a sense of accomplishment and can represent status symbols. Before choosing the car manufacturer or model, you should do extensive study. The timing of the purchase is one of several variables that affect a vehicle's price. Discover when is the perfect time to buy a new car.

Month End: It is highly recommended to buy your car from a dealership at the end of the month. You'll probably get a decent discount for this. This is because dealers will be eager to close a deal with you as they attempt to meet their monthly sales goals. As a result, they'll be more likely to give you a competitive price for your new automobile.

Week Start: You are more likely to obtain special attention and the car you desire if you go to a dealership early in the week. This is because dealerships are busiest on weekends, and you are less likely to receive a special offer from them then. Therefore, buying a car at the start of the week is ideal.

Before an update: The life of a car is filled with updates and facelifts from the manufacturer. Car dealerships lower their inventory before a facelift is introduced in order to move the stock. The best deals and discounts can be found now. Facelifted models typically have some new features along with small interior and cosmetic changes. Therefore, it is an excellent time to buy a car if you plan to retain it for a long time and don't mind giving up some new features.

After a car launch: Typically, many automakers provide special rates on recently released models. The initial few hundred or thousand units continue to be eligible for the special discount on new models. The pricing will rise as the sales begin to increase. However, not all manufacturers offer introductory prices, therefore not all cars qualify for this kind of discounted pricing. So, the likelihood of obtaining such deals is 50/50.

March Deals: If you're a businessperson, March is the ideal month or time to get your ideal vehicle. For those who are unaware, buying a car in March can help you save on taxes since the cost of the vehicle may be deductible as a business expense. To entice these buyers, automakers and dealers often provide tempting discount deals.

End of the Year:

The best time of year to buy a new car is from October to December. This is as a result of the abundance of departing automobile models that frequently fill showrooms and the arrival of numerous new models. Because of this, you can save a lot of money and get the greatest deal on a new automobile by choosing one of the attractively priced outgoing models.

Why is the end of the Year best time to buy a car?

  • Big Savings: You'll end the year with significant savings if you purchase a car. This coin has two sides to it. Most dealerships currently have a sizable inventory of vehicles from that year. As a result, dealers frequently sell them off for a very low price to make room for the model from next year. Although it isn't quite a low price, they do provide generous discounts.
  • Freebies: Dealerships provide several freebies in addition to significant savings. These gifts can be anything from cost-free insurance to fashionable accessories. It all depends on how skilled you are at negotiating. A free extended warranty is another option the dealer has, which is fascinating. 
  • Scope of Bargaining: A facelift or new generation of a vehicle is typically introduced by automakers in the first quarter of the year. This indicates that there is a further justification for the dealers to make room in their yard for the incoming new model. Moreover, there is always a modest price increase even if the automaker is not introducing a new model.


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