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Three Things to note while choosing a Pre-owned Car

Okay! When is the right time to buy a car? Pre-owned car or new car? What's best for you? Obviously, you have tons of questions running in your mind when you think of owning a car. Right, when it comes to testing drive or document check or registration when you are a first-time buyer the count may increase. For every three new cars sold in India, there are about four used ones that exchange hands. Not everyone knows about cars and not all own one. Buying an own car is still not under many Indians' budgets. Most of them get to know about what to know through friendly conversations yet not in detail. Some hesitate to ask things in detail as they'll be underestimated about their knowledge of cars. This problem can take them to a bad car owner, and eventually leads to money loss.

To help you with that, we have come up with a few things that build confidence in you to own a new car or a pre-owned car of your choice. The reasons to consider pre-owned cars are centered around but are not limited to, the financial sense they make. The decision to choose a used car opens the doors to multiple options that suit a limited budget.

 Come on! Let's drive!

 3 Things to note while choosing a Pre-owned Car

  1. Buy it from the right Owners:
  • There are three methods to use while owning a used car or pre-owned car in India. From an individual, used car broker, and the franchised pre-owned dealer. 
  • The customer-to-customer model might seem the easiest choice only if the seller is known to you. The fact that there’s no middle person involved to make a quick buck out of the transaction also gives you more leeway to fix a good price.
  • Pre-owned car classifieds in newspapers and websites are a quick way of dealing with private sellers. 
  • But do not be judgemental, have all the necessary checks, and be prepared to do a little bit of running about for the vehicle or the car transfer.
  • The organized used car sector like Kuwy, with players like Maruti Suzuki True Value and Mahindra First Choice to name some, is the costliest option for a used car. 
  • The premium price also buys you solace with regards to the condition of the cars. The cars are professionally inspected before sale and some additional benefits like service packages and warranties.
  1. Think of Budget:
  • Have a clear idea of the amount you'll need to spend including the room for stretching it. In the showroom, it's evident to get tempted by an enthusiastic salesperson into buying beyond budget for the sake of a larger car or more features. 
  • So, be vigilant and remain grounded during the purchase. If you want to go for finance, then be aware of interest rates for used car loans that are usually higher than those for new cars.
  • Opt for short-term loans with lower interest rates, and check with your regular bank for loan options. 
  1. Whom to Trust?
  • A few sales personnel and brokers are usually smooth operators trained to make buyers into purchasing they may not be in the market.
  • So, take everything thrown at you seriously, what they say, how they say it, and even the tone of voice. Filter the facts and argue on any point you feel is false.
  • Choose trusted dealers and verify the car details and evaluate the health of the car as well as the amount to be paid for the car. Automatic evaluation enables customers to go for an easy purchase.


Best car dealers can bring you good cars under your budget. Learn to approach dealers who work better for used cars or pre-owned car companies as they are genuine in most cases. Companies like Kuwy are digitized and automatically enable services for the customers via trusted dealers. One can drive their car home with a few clicks, and that's possible.

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