Pre-Owned Car Loans Options | Kuwy | Press Release

Disrupting the Automotive Finance Ecosystem with Digitalization

Oct 14, 2022

The Automotive industry is at the inflection point and poised to grow with new segments of customers coming into the fray. Kuwy, a prominent used car finance start-up, holding 5% market share, has catalysed business expansion by driving efficiency and transparency.

The E-Commerce platform has used digitalisation to add value and streamline processes in a manner acceptable to all stakeholders.

Kuwy enables car buyers to apply for online financing and receive real-time offers from lenders. As customers are self-informed about their financial eligibility beforehand, they choose the right car and dealer according to their requirements, ensuring a seamless process without friction or dropouts at the dealership level.

Dealers are offered a digital, point of sale financing platform, which connects credit worthy customers and cars to a network of lenders, to offer the best loan terms for instant loan approval. Thus, Kuwy connects the right customer, right car, right dealer and right lender.

The transparency and efficiency ensured by Kuwy enhances speed and convenience, fuelling an increase in the number of customers buying cars, thereby driving business expansion. Dealers are able to sell more cars faster, and book more profits and lenders are able to book more loans and grow their overall loan portfolio.

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