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Kuwy in the fast lane

Oct 13, 2022

Used car finance start-up bags 5% market share

As the world journeys towards a future driven by technology, innovation and creativity, Kuwy has emerged an organisation committed to lead transformation in mobility. In a short span of time, the organisation has witnessed massive growth and come to control 5% of India's used car finance market.

Kuwy has digitised the used car industry by providing a point-of-sale app that integrates with a dealer's existing website and supports its current business processes. The eCommerce platform empowers car buyers to apply for financing and receive real-time offers from lenders and finalize a sale digitally, providing almost entirely touchless services. Kuwy offers comprehensive dealership training and total integration management so dealers can focus on daily business and prioritise customer needs.

Building a network of 50+ interaction partners across lenders, dealers and marketplaces, Kuwy today has 5000+ operating channels for used and new car dealers and DSAs. The team has witnessed 100% growth in 2022.

"Online car sales is gaining rapid traction in India. We're committed to helping our channel partners sell and finance cars to their customers entirely online through technology innovation," said B. GaneshKumar, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-founder of Kuwy.

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